"And you may ask yourself, well... how did I get here?"
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Ami Goff was born and raised in that heady time known as the 80’s, her personality forged by a frightening combination of Saturday morning cartoons and the ancient dial-up internet. Brought up by a physics teacher and a microbiologist, she is the only person in the family who refused to make something of herself by going into the sciences; instead she wanders the cultural wastelands as one of those art vagabonds your parents warned you about.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Ami has lived many professional incarnations, including editor, animator, VFX compositor, and interactive designer. As a pixel-puncher for hire since 2003, her credit list includes titles like “Coraline”, “Invader ZIM: Enter The Florpus” and “Mary Poppins Returns”. Past freelance clients have included Disney Channel, DUCK Studios, Oddbot, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, LEGO and PIVOT Network. She has also been a tattoo artist, surf guitarist, black belt in Shuri-ryū karate, and three-time Space Camp attendee.

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